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Adult Program for Adults & Teens 15 and up

Tired of going to the gym? Need something fresh that will get you movin’ and grovin’? If you're looking for a class where the instructors know your name and give you personal attention, we’ve got the classes for you!

Performance Opportunity

You can also experience the thrill of stage performance! Our adult program offers participants a unique opportunity to be a part of our annual performances in December and June. Be a part of the show!

Cuban Salsa Party & Adult Dance Class

Sunday Cuban Salsa Party & Dance Lesson: $15
Tuesday Cuban Salsa/ Latin Jazz Classes: $14 each drop in

Basic - Intermediate Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap

 Drop In -
$14 per class

 Class Card - (excludes ballroom and Cuban Salsa Party)
classes - $48 ($12/class) expires in 45 days
  8 classes - $88 ($11/class) expires in 60 days

 Purchase Class Card online!
• Pick up your class card at the front desk when you check in.
 • Register in person or --> Register Online <--

 Drop In -
$16.50 Drop-In

 Ballroom Class Card -
classes - $70 ($14/class) expires in 45 days
  10 classes - $130 ($13/class) expires in 60 days

 • We accept cash, check, Visa, MC, AX, Discover
 • Register in person or --> Register Online <--

Cuban Salsa/Latin Jazz

Single Class Option

Regular Class Card

Ballroom Class Card

Class Descriptions

Ballroom - Dancesport: See our Ballroom Page for Class Descriptions.

Sundays Cuban Salsa Party & Dance Class
Sunday Aug 9/ Sept 13/ Oct 11/ Nov 18 (2nd Sunday of the month)

5 - 8PM • Lesson 5 - 6 pm | Party 6 - 8 pm

Live Latin Jazz Music | Traditional Cuban Food & Drinks

No partner or experience needed

Tuesdays Cuban Salsa and Latin Jazz Dance Classes
- Start 8/25th!
Cuban Salsa Class Tuesdays 7 - 8 pm
Latin Jazz Class Tuesdays 8:15 - 9:15 pm

- Cuban Salsa
 Learn Couples, Solo and "Rueda de Casino" - the traditional Cuban  Casino Circle Dance, while gaining a deeper understanding of Cuban  Syncopation, Rhythm and Dynamic Movement.

- Latin Jazz
 Latin Jazz is an exhilarating, unique fusion of Latin and Jazz dance  moves. Routines are based on Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha and Rumba!

 Cuban Jazz and Latin Jazz are fiery, fun and a fabulous way to work out and  feel great. These classes will teach you routines step-by-step in easy-to-learn  lessons!

No partner or experience needed.

Basic/Beginning/Elementary Ballet
Ballet is the ultimate activity for giving so many different benefits while engaging in an enjoyable and enriching art form. Grace and poise are developed along with strength, flexibility and muscle tone. Looking and feeling better about oneself builds greater confidence and positive outlook. These ongoing classes will deepen your love for dance and provides individualized training to perfect ballet technique. Each class includes a warm up, barre, and center work. You will experience the exciting challenge of mastering intricate footwork, dynamic turns, versatile dance combinations and exciting air-borne movements.

  Basic Ballet
  Thursday, 7 to 8:30 pm with Alejandro Reyes
  Beginning/Elementary Ballet
  Tuesday, 7 to 8:30 pm with Cecelia Beam


Elementary/Intermediate Ballet

Come and learn more than you thought possible and improve more than you ever have with these intense and highly focused classes. Whether you want to jump-start your existing training or kick-start a dormant one, these are just the classes you've been looking for. Don't miss the opportunity to study from our master class instructors who combine vast experience in performing leading roles in major
companies with extensive hands-on instructions.

  Wednesday 6:30 to 8 pm with Lisa Stevens

  For Intermediate Ballet Master Class, see our Master Class page.

This ongoing class will highlight all styles of hip-hop technique, including popping, breaking, locking, house, and popular grooves—old school and new. This class is open to all dancers, whether you’re new or a veteran. Each class includes a warm up (isolations of the body, conditioning, and stretching,) floor work, technique, and combinations. You’re encouraged to be creative as you develop your personal style and technical ability.

  Monday 7 to 8:30 pm
  Saturday 1 to 2:30 pm
  with Jenya Lum

Cardio Hip-Hop - NEW
Get a fun and great work out! This class will highlight all styles of hip-hop technique, including popping, breaking, locking, house, and popular grooves—old school and new. This class is open to everyone.

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Enjoy this class of toe tapping fun as you build a strong foundation in tap technique and explore Broadway, rhythm tap and improvisation styles in a choreographed piece. Sweep across the dance floor with exciting, rhythmic dance moves and percussive sounds.

  Wednesday 7 to 8:15 pm with Agatha Rupnieski
  Thursday 7 to 8:15 pm with Bryon Heinrich 

Come and learn this beautiful dance style and experience the joy of exploring movements. This class is great for anyone looking to learn more dance moves while enjoying a great physical workout. You will gain strength, flexibility and confidence while you learn the principles of contemporary dance, and have fun putting together movements into a choreographed piece. This is a beginning level series.

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This is a dynamic Jazz Dance class flavored with lyrical and contemporary dance styles. There is an emphasis on moving with a strong and grounded energy while developing Jazz technique and a performance piece. This class is a collaboration of many techniques and styles of dance. It also encourages participants to express their individuality and heighten their creativity while forming a strong and versatile technical foundation.

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Photo by Phillip Reyes