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Toddler Program

Toddlers and young children love to explore the world of movement, music, and imagination. In our classes they will learn coordination and basic dance technique through skillfully designed activities and movement exercises.

Your child will develop gross & fine motor skills while learning:
• Musicality (interpretation, rhythm, timing)
• Colors, counting, alphabet, shapes & directions (left-right, forward-back, up-down)
• Pantomime
• Class etiquette
• Socialization skills (cooperation, self-control)

Toddlers will expand their creativity while acting out dance stories. We'll enchant, stimulate, and challenge your child with specially selected music and dances from around the world!

Dance As A Tool For Brain Development

Brain development research has revealed that the right stimulation can enhance your child's intelligence and emotional development. Playing and being responsive to your child's emotional needs are among the most important things that a parent can do to help a child's development. Our program goes one step further, by keeping abreast of the latest research, while teaching them dance skills as they play.

Class Descriptions

Toddler and Me
(2 - 3 yrs. old)
Parents actively participate in this class, helping their child gain confidence and independence. Parents are also encouraged to play at home to reinforce the learning!

*Birthday Parties Available!

Toddlers Balletic Movement

(3 - 4 yrs. old)

This age group is ready to go solo and focus on their classmates and teachers. Chidren will learn more complex content that prepares them to graduate to our Creative Balletic Movement class (4-5 years old.)

*Birthday Parties Available!

Angelina BallerinaTM
(3 - 4.5 yrs. old)
Along with our stellar Toddler and Lower Division classes, we would like to introduce Angelina BallerinaTM, the “little star with big dreams,” who will now be sharing her love of dance with the students at the Shan-Yee Poon School of Performing Arts. Our weekly classes are based on the beloved dancing mouseling, star of the Angelina Ballerina book series and animated television program.

The program is inspired by the CG-animated series airing on PBS KIDS and Sprout®, Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps, and it will focus on one story book per month. Angelina Ballerina’s voice will guide aspiring dancers through their movement lessons, and the program will incorporate music from Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps.

This curriculum is a great complement to our own carefully developed syllabus, that will build a strong foundation for our students to confidently progress through the comprehensive ballet program offered here at our school.

*Birthday Parties Available!


Schedule your appointment for our Free Trial Class today!

This is an excellent opportunity for you and your child to experience why our school is so special. Your child will enjoy a fun introductory class where we will be able to place him/her into the appropriate level based on their age and ability. Please call in advance to secure your spot as slots fill quickly.


... The teacher is so skilled at commanding the attention of the very young with warmth, humor and firmness. Her class feels creative and spontaneous, yet you can see the foundation of correct technique and balletic movement that underlies everything she does with the children..”

... Ms. Poon has hired and surrounded herself and the students, with the finest group of instructors anyone could hope for and imagine."